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Dryer Vent Cleaning includes a rotary brush cleaning from the outside to the inside while simultaneously using a high pressure air system that will be connected to the existing duct work on the inside to force air, lint and debris to exit the dryer ventilation system through the outside. This system recovers close to 100% of all lint and debris within the ventilation system. Also includes the removal of lint from behind, under, and around the dryer as well as the inside of the dryer if accessible. All lint will be cleaned up outside after completion of that unit’s cleaning.


  • HOA Dryer Ventilation Cleaning Contracts- Free Proposal
  • Dryer Vent Cleaning - $50 - $75
  • Dryer Vent Cleaning Specials for Home, Condo, or Apartment HOA’s
  • Dryer Vent Repairs - Free Estimates on repairs. Pricing depends on length of the pipe and available access to ventilation system
  • Bathroom Ventilation Cleaning
  • Video Camera Inspection of Piping - A thorough inspection of the interior of the pipe all the way through the ventilation system to check for moisture, pipe separation, damage and/or deep clogs
  • Gutter leaf and debris cleaning (Residential Only)

Parts and Repairs List

  • Blower Fan Replacement
  • Blower Fan Repair
  • 4” Piping between wall and dryer
  • Clamps (Worm or Spring)
  • Elbows (90 degree metal)
  • Louvers/Ventilation Hoods (Installed)
  • Roof Ventilation Hoods (Installed)
  • Louvers/Ventilation Hoods
  • PVC Pipe or Fittings Installed
  • Major Repairs - Estimated based on scope of work - A major repair requires access into attic, crawl space under the house or entry into a wall or ceiling. Includes any ncessary repair to ventilation duct between the dryer and the outside dryer ventilation louver/hood.
  • Installation of a New Ventilation Duct - Price depends of scope of work - A complete installation of a new dryer and/or bathroom ventilation duct from the dryer to ventilation louver/hood. All labor and parts are included, using ventilation louver/hood of customers choice and solid metal piping. Estimates for new installations are free
  • Video Camera Inspection of Piping - Includes thorough inspection of dyer or bathroom ventilation duct to check for moisture, damage or pipe separation. Jump Drive Copy at customers request will be at my cost plus tax
  • Bird and Nest Removal